Affiliate Feed Generator

Affiliate Feed Generator

Datafeeds Equal More Content For Your Blogs and Web Pages
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Datafeeds are large files filled with information about a merchants product offerings. Datafeeds contain information such as the price, description, image and direct link to a product that a merchant has for sale on their website. The links inside of datafeeds are easily changed into your own affiliate link so that you receive credit for each sale when using that feed on your web pages and blogs.

As an affiliate your job is to make money and no matter whether your strategy is to build blogs or to build web pages, one thing is for certain ... You Need Content!

Datafeeds are a fantastic way to get that content. Datafeeds are widely and freely available from major affiliate networks like Shareasale, Commission Junction, LinkShare, Kolimbo etc and even from private sellers like Yahoo store owners.

Affiliate Feed Generator will instantly convert your messy CSV datafeeds into RSS feeds, web pages or 'RSS to Blog' formatted feeds.

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